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So Many Diet Rules,

Not Accepting Your Body and Feeling at WAR with Food.

• Feel Out of Control

"Need" to Loose Weight

• Feel Held Back by Your Body

But you keep trying again - Exercise More, New Superfoods...

ANYTHING to feel/look better.

So you try your best AGAIN, and whether it is a formal diet or not...


out of contol

You want to look "good", want to feel accepted and realize it is all just wrong.

But you still binge on the whole box of Oreos and you feel out of control, both with your mind and body.

There is are so many Rules

Can't Eat until Noon, got to stay away from the office candy bowl, and you haven't worked out today... or since last month.

There is so much STRESS with food and exercise and you just want to throw your hands up in the air.

Will I ever Be Happy?

You Feel Addicted to Food/Sugar, your Body Image so low and feel like you can NEVER Trust your body...

There has got to be more purpose and happiness beyond all this, right?!

I Felt that SAME Way.

Until I found Intuitive Eating...

... a revolutionary & gentle approach to FINALLY make Peace with Yourself, Your Body and Food.

Now... I am on a mission to help women finally heal their relationship with their body and food... FOREVER.

ey there. I am Laura Cragun.

I know Exactly How you feel.


Just Like you, I was taught by Diet Culture to aspire to beauty ideals and to "control" my body. For years, I dieted and exercised hardcore to find Peace in myself, but instead, I was AT WAR with myself.

I had hit what is called, "Diet Rock Bottom."

I had an Epiphany. Dieting was NEVER going to fill the hole in my heart of never feeling ENOUGH. There had to be a better way. Through much trial and error, God guided me to find to answer.

I finally found Intuitive Eating. Through my journey of depression, suicide ideation, eating disorders and going through a month-long treatment center, I needed to OVERHAUL my relationship with myself and food.

Through much hard work and determination (and many dark days), I found HEALING. I feel FREE to be myself, no matter what size I am, what food I eat or whatever society tries to tell me.

Here are some KEY Benefits of Intuitive Eating.



Our culture is permeated with diet rules and seeing bodies as objects. Social media, shows, the news, magazines and even in our conversation with others. But this ideal that we must all be one size or close to it is unreasonable and damaging to our physical and mental health. It is an imperative first step to reject this mentality so that we can move towards stitching ourselves back together again and come home to ourselves.


How do we as busy women listen to our body signals to tell us that we are no longer hungry? Well, first, we have to get rid of our barriers that keep us from experiencing fullness.

How often do you eat WITHOUT checking emails, walking around the kitchen or checking Instagram? Intuitive Eating will help you learn just that.


Our emotions are messengers, not enemies. When these hard emotions arise, we might be in a pattern of coping with our emotions with food. This is a critical moment when you can choose to be in attunement with yourself. Attunement, at the root of the root, is being IN TUNE. We must nurture this ability in ourselves to be in touch with what is going on in your body. In those moments when you just want to eat the whole box of oreos, what is out of tune? What self-care or self-compassion practices do you need to engage in to feel better and honor your body?

With the Amazing Principles of Intuitive Eating...



wasted Energy....


wasted Time....


Stress, Anxiety, etc....

Life will be so much easier, lighter & happier

when you switch to Intuitive Eating.


Latter-Day Intuitive Eating:


12 Coaching Sessions with Me, Unlimited Support and

Access to the Course!

In just 12-Weeks Coaching With Me,

I teach you how to finally Ditch Diets, Find Body Acceptance and Discover FOOD FREEDOM.

Let's See if You're a Good Fit!



So much included... Just for you!

12-Weekly Sessions

12 - Weekly ZOOM calls with me. These calls are 60 minutes that deliver POWERFUL results. We focus on YOU and I help you through your Specific Needs, Concerns and Goals.

Teachings of Intuitive Eating

Learn the 10 principles without the overwhelm. I have condensed each week into 3 Easy Video Lessons from the course for The Principle of The Week and Then I Coach You on anything specific for you in your session.

Week-by-Week Guide to Start Intuitive Eating

  • Week 1: Pre-Game Week

  • Week 2 - 11: The Ten Principles of Intuitive Eating

  • Week 12: Post Game Week (what to do from here.)

Access to the Full Course

  • Access to the Course via Online Membership Portal

  • Weekly Videos lessons from me

  • An Interactive 12 week - PDF Workbook

Online Facebook Community

Exclusive Facebook community for support and to get your questions answered from me and others in the group who are going through the exact same Intuitive Eating Journey as you!


Masterclass: How Navigate Intuitive Eating When Others Don't Support or Understand

A critical part to this modality since it such a huge life and cultural change. Especially if you dieted in the past with family and friends.

deeper into Intuitive Eating

There is SO MUCH to it...

Respect Your Body

You are born with your unique DNA that will not deviate so it is time to give it respect instead. We learn how to "come home to ourselves" and give our body the much needed love instead.

Eating the Foods You Love!

You start eating the food you love! Meals, individual ingredients, desserts, foods you loved as a kid, etc... all things YUMMY to you. I will teach you ways to have these food in your life again.

No More Food Police

The Food Police in the incessant dialogue in your head that dieting has created rules that should be obeyed. We learn mindset skills on how to combat these tiresome thoughts and find a better and healthier inner dialogue instead.

It is about Exercise too!

While this is not about "eating", it is imperative and a part of this modality!

We will chose what your favorite ways to move are and start them right away! The focus is to FEEL GOOD and have FUN in your body.

Latter-day Intuitive Eating:

12-Week Program

Just 12-Weeks Will Heal Your Food Relationship FOREVER!

  • 12-Weekly Zoom Calls with Laura Cragun (60 Mins each)

  • Unlimited Support (Text, Email or Voxer)

  • Robust 12-Week Course
  • Program Workbook

  • Exclusive Facebook Community

  • Bonus Lesson
  • How Navigate Intuitive Eating When Others Don't Support or Understand

Let's See if You're a Good Fit!


Video Testimonials

From new young mothers to women in their empty nester years, I have coached them. I hope you not only find your own story reflected in the words below but also find hope. You can find Higher Health. Their stories prove it.

J'Lynn Allred - Bakersfield, CA

Jennifer Inlow - Moorpark, CA

Ronda Hobbs - Idaho Falls, ID

What My Clients Have to Say...

The Experiences of Some of My Clients in Their Own Words

I got a lot of benefits from having Laura as my coach! I was surprised by how much we focused on the power and importance of sleep, stress, and our thoughts. Reframing a lot of my thoughts was a huge help as I began building healthy and positive habits. I felt liberated as I made some major changes in my life - many of them I had thought about for a long time, but just struggled to actually DO it. Knowing that Laura was my cheerleader and that I was accountable to her, gave me extra motivation to make those changes.


Laura is a delight! You will not meet anyone that is a kinder or a sweeter soul. She has been such an influential instrument in my health and life journey.

This is a wonderful program that Laura has provided for me to fit my personal and individual needs. She has given me the tools to improve and direct my actions and thoughts in a more productive direction. She helps to find what your individual needs are and focuses on that.


Working with Laura as my Health and Life Coach has been so transformational for me! My mindset has completely shifted and I now know I am truly capable of anything I set my mind to. Laura has helped me clarify my goals, set manageable steps to achieve them, and is always there to keep me accountable for my progress, perseverance, and dedication.

When I started working with Laura I was stuck in a cycle of restricting and binging over and over. She has helped me identify my triggers and some of the root causes of my disordered relationship with food. Now I am so much more confident with eating intuitively.

And this positive effect has translated into other areas of my life as well! Laura has helped me not only feel more confident and comfortable with my nutrition and wellness, but with building healthy relationships in my life, working for a successful career and finances, and connecting with God and my spirituality. I am so grateful for her coaching expertise and for her sharing her amazing gifts with me!



12-WEEK Program

Just 12-Weeks Will Heal Your Food Relationship FOREVER!

  • 12-Weekly Zoom Calls with Laura Cragun (60 Mins each)

  • Unlimited Support (Text, Email or Voxer)

  • Robust 12-Week Course
  • Program Workbook

  • Exclusive Facebook Community

  • Bonus Lesson
  • How to Navigate Intuitive Eating When Others Don't Support or Understand

Let's See if You're a Good Fit!


There is nothing to loose.

Except for maybe your Bathroom Scale...

But If this Course does not work for you, I have a 100% Money Back Guarantee

Although, I know most of you will love working with me BUT...

If you’re not 100% satisfied with our sessions within 30 days, we will offer you a full refund, for any reason.

So... it is a no brainer to give it a try!

***(No refunds on completed, purchased coaching sessions.

But of course, the Intuiutive Eating Breakthrough Sesssion is FREE!)


Still not sure? I am busting out some

awesome answers for you!

Q: What is Intuitive Eating?

A: Intuitive eating is a dynamic mind-body integration of instinct, emotion and rational thought. It is an inner journey of discovery that puts you front and center. Intuitive eating is based on internal signals like hunger, fullness, and satisfaction, rather than external dieting rules or restrictions. It is relearning instincts we once knew, especially as children. It also a POWERFUL tool to help us reject diet culture, recover a positive body image and have health at every size.

Q: Where did the concept of Intuitive Eating come from?

A: Intuitive Eating was introduced in 1995 in the book "Intuitive Eating" by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch. It was a groundbreaking book in its field with over 500,000 copies sold. The gravity of its success should not go unnoticed because there have been 140+ studies since its publication that have proven its effectiveness. It is divided into 10 doable principles that I will go over with you! And in my opinion, it is the closest thing I have found that is in line with the way God wants us to eat.

Q: Will I lose weight?

A: You may or may not. And you will have to be OK with that. The purpose from now on is for you to focus on your authentic health, NOT losing weight. As I coach you through this book, I will help you learn to accept your SET POINT: your ideal body weight, the body weight you have naturally without food restriction, deprivation, and over-exercising. The set point is the body's internal system to maintain healthy weight. All in all, weight is NOT a focus at all. But we can still achieve health. ( a hint, you may never see your scale again after this course!)

Q: Do you just eat ALL the junk food you want ALL day with Intuitive Eating?

A. No, Intuitive Eating is so much more than that! It is a popular misconception and it frequently deters people. As you let yourself explore all the foods that you restricted before, you will go through something I call a "Honeymoon Phase"; a necessary part of the journey. You will find that the other principles will help you understand how you feel when you when you eat junk food all day. I promise, you will NOT eat that way forever and it never lasts with my clients either.

Q: I don't trust myself when given permission to eat whatever I want!

A: There is hope. Trust the process and trust yourself. Intuitive eating is a way of life that has been proven to WORK and help you find permanent PEACE and authentic health. But long story short, it is a paradox. When you finally allow yourself permission to make peace with all foods, you will finally find that trust in yourself that you are looking for!

This is your time to STOP BEING AT WAR with yourself.

Just 12 Weeks,



12-WEEK Program

Just 12-Weeks Will Heal Your Food Relationship FOREVER!

  • 12-Weekly Zoom Calls with Laura Cragun (60 Mins each)

  • Unlimited Support (Text, Email or Voxer)

  • Robust 12-Week Course
  • Program Workbook

  • Exculsive Facebook Community

  • BONUS Lesson -
  • How Navigate Intuitive Eating When Others Don't Support or Understand

Let's See if You're a Good Fit!

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